Gain Your Creative Edge From CES- NOW

Yes, CES has been over for weeks. That doesn’t make it old news. It’s a new opportunty you should be taking advantage of now.

Years ago, I developed this concept for an Olympic training village for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games Torch relay. I proposed a place were attendees could train to be a ski jumper, figure skater and a hockey player with the help of virtual reality. I was envisioning uses for VR long before “Oculus” became a familiar word. I don’t take credit for advances in the medium. I got the idea from following CES.

Virtual Jump Olympic Tent

If you’re any kind of experiential marketer, you should still be checking out the International Consumer Electronics Show. There’s plenty of “best of” material that’s posted. CES is a a rich resource of engagement material for digital and event marketing audiences.

Many of these companies are looking to do business and get exposure for their products, even with the items that are still experimental. This gives you opportunity to propose something fresh and exciting in your next marketing campaign (and maybe at an affordable price).

Here are a couple of things that caught my eye:

ChefJet1 ChefJet2

ChefJet. This 3-D printer creates dimesional, edible goodies. Unique giveaways go a long way in creating a memorable experience at events.


LG Rollable OLED Display. A video screen with this kind of flexability opens up a ton of ideas and possibilities.


Drones. Pictured above is the Parrot Disco Fixed-Wing Drone. There were several drones at CES, even one you can ride. I like drones for their filming capabilities.  If you’re shooting videos or commercials, they are an inexpensive way of obtaining overhead shots.

Tech is exciting, but it should not be the focus of your idea. Never be “gadgety” just because you can. The tech should be a way to enhance your idea, but they should never be the idea.

Programs like CES challenge the boundaries of reality, giving us solutions on how to bring your ideas to life.

Your first step is to find the products that interest you. Contact the company to learn more. Believe me, most of them will welcome the chance to talk your ear off. If the work seems mutually beneficial,  the possible results could be groundbreaking.

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